Important message from KanComm regarding storm notifications
By Member Ed St. Louis
March 21, 2019

We want to remind the public of a few points.

The first is that the tornado sirens are meant to warn those who are outdoors, and is NOT a reliable method for alerting those inside homes - especially tonight when storms may occur when a majority of people are asleep. The best way to remain alerted indoors is to have a weather radio!

The next is to remind everyone that 911 is meant to report immediate threats to life and property. During storms our centers are inundated with phone calls on all circuits, we ask those that do call 911 to remain on the line, even if it seems their call is not being answered. The reason behind that is we will answer the line - but hanging up produces an "abandoned 911 call" which will further tie up resources until we are sure there is no further emergency. Our center may only have 4-6 dispatchers working on duty - which means we could unfortunately have more calls coming in then ears to listen!

Next is a reminder to report issues with power outages to the utility itself. Unless there is a danger associated with the outage there is nothing emergency services will be able to do to expedite the utility.

Also, we cannot give an "all clear", therefore there is no reason to call 911 or even the non emergency lines to request an all clear. You will be directed to your local radio, news stations or The National Weather Service to seek that information.

And finally we want to educate the public on how the tornado sirens are activated. Our center is responsible for the activation of the sirens and it is a county-wide activation. Sirens will sound in all corners of the county no matter where the threat is. Also, the sirens will run for approximately 2 minutes before shutting off - this does not mean the threat has subsided. We also do not issue an "all clear" after threats have passed. If you hear another siren activation seek shelter as another tornado threat may be imminent!

We hope all remain safe throughout the stormy weather! And if you are ever in doubt to what constitutes and emergency situation do not hesitate to call. Our non emergency line is 933-3324.