The Bourbonnais Fire Protection District and FlowMSP Partnership Continues to Grow
By Member Jim Keener
December 28, 2021

FlowMSP and Illinois business and a nationally known preplanning software company recently visited the Bourbonnais Fire Protection District headquarters to gain valuable insight on the Fire District's preplanning process of the Olivet Nazarene University University Campus and its buildings. Any department can utilize the links contained in this story to access short video clips as well as blogs on how and why its important to have important building information readily available to responding fire companies. We personally would like to thank Olivet Nazarene University for allowing FlowMSP and the Bourbonnais Fire Protection District to visit the campus and shoot live video footage of important preplan information.

We would also like to thank FlowMSP for reaching out to our agency to showcase how our members are taking advantage of the software's features to provide detailed preplan information. Since it's inception FlowMSP has always listened to the customer's comments and provided many enhancements to it's product line. We look forward to the new 2022 enhancements that FlowMSP is releasing in the upcoming months. In closing, if any agency has any questions please feel free to contact either FlowMSP or if it pertains to our preplans please contact the Bourbonnais Fire Protection District at (815) 935 - 9670 or at

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